About NEBA

Key to successful Content Management Applications is a fast and comprehensible implementation of the underlying information architecture and the solution's ability to scale. As the solution matures, it must be able to bear the challenges that arise from an increasing amount of complexity and integrated systems - without degradation in terms of system quality or time spent developing solutions.

Elegance is the kind of beauty that stems from simplicity
Paul Graham

NEBA increases your engineers speed and ability to tackle these challenges, giving them a simple, lightweight and stable API to implement solutions based on Apache Sling or Adobe AEM™. Instead of coupling engineers to custom and hard-to learn solutions, NEBA integrates well-known standards. In particular, The Spring Framework allows using state-of-the-art implementations for Enterprise Application Integration, Database Integration, MVC, AOP and Dependency Injection (IoC).

At the same time, NEBA is designed to scale in demanding environments, where high request volumes meet significant amounts of content. In addition, it ships with tooling that helps engineering understand application behavior and analyze issues quickly.

License model

The License model is simple: NEBA is released under the Apache Software License 2.0. It is completely and irrevocably open source.

NEBA's technology in a Nutshell

NEBA integrates the Spring Framework into Apache Sling exclusively using Gemini-Blueprint, the reference implementation of the OSGi blueprint specification. NEBA provides simple annotations that allow leveraging Spring POJOs as models for resources such as JCR content - and transparently provides a set of solutions for common engineering tasks for Spring-Based applications.

NEBA does not alter or influence the default behavior of Sling or AEM™ and can be transparently used from within any out of the box solution, such as Sling servlets.

NEBA's history

NEBA has been created by Unic AG , Switzerland in 2009. After its continued success in many projects, it was published as open source in 2014. Since then, development is active and it has been leveraged by a large number of Enterprise Content Management Solutions.


Technical roadmap

See also open enhancements in the roadmap milestone.

Adaptation of Sling features added to AEM 6.x +

The latest Sling versions feature highly valuable additions in the area of multi-tenancy, and continuous deployment and scalability, most prominently through the transition to jackrabbit-oak. The NEBA API shall feature first-class support for these new concepts.

Transition to Java 8+

For reasons of our commitment to long-term support, NEBA supports AEM 5.3.x to AEM 6.1.x based deployments. However, AEM 5.3 - AEM 5.6. will slowly disappear from the market in the foreseeable future. This makes possible the transition from supporting JDK 1.6x+ to supporting JDK 1.8x, leveraging the new features contained therein

Transition to Spring 4+

Along with the transition to Java 8+, we strive to transition to Spring 4 to benefit from first-class support for web technologies such as web sockets, SockJS and STOMP as well as extended Support for RESTful controllers. We suspect that this transition will have little to no impact on legacy applications running on Spring 3.2.x, as almost all of the core features and APIs remain supported in Spring 4.

Community roadmap

See also open items in the roadmap milestone.

Continued community growth

NEBA is developed by Unic since 2009. As such, it has widespread use for medium to large-scale projects for car manufacturers, financial industry, government and luxury industry. We now aim to see further projects - including projects solely using Apache Sling - benefit from the mature feature stack.
We thus strive to continuously extend our base of contributors and interested engineers. For this purpose, NEBA is presented at conferences such as the .adaptTo() and the Connect.

Extension of documentation

To further improve the documentation, more examples - e.g. best practices and patterns, as well as screen casts shall be added to the neba.io site in 2016.

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