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AfterMapping - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Methods of a ResourceModel with this annotation are invoked after all properties have been mapped from the model's resource.
AnnotatedFieldMapper<FieldType,AnnotationType extends Annotation> - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
OSGi services implementing this interface may customize the mapping of arbitrary fields during the resource to model mapping of any resource model.
AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping<FieldType,AnnotationType> - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
Represents the contextual data of a field mapping during a resource to model mapping.
AopSupport - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
OSGi Services with this interface are automatically detected by NEBA and are used to prepare model instances potentially affected by AOP (proxies, enhanced types) for injection.
asOptional() - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


Children - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Provides a Collection, List or Set of children of the resource.
Constants - Class in io.neba.api
Overall constants for the NEBA API.


DefineObjectsTag - Class in io.neba.api.tags
DefineObjectsTag() - Constructor for class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
doEndTag() - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag


Filter - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Can be used to specify an OSGi service filter to narrow the service(s) that shall be injected, for example:
filter(Predicate<? super T>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
flatMap(Function<? super T, Lazy<U>>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


get() - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
get(Object) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelCache
Retrieve a cached model.
getAnnotation() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getAnnotationsOfField() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getAnnotationType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper
getField() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getFieldType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper
getFieldType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getFieldTypeParameter() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getModel() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getModel(ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory
getModelDefinitions() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory
getName() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition
The unique name of a model.
getProperties() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getRepositoryPath() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getResolvedValue() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getResource() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getResourceModel() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition
getType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition
The type which is assignment-compatible with the model implementation class.


ifPresent(Consumer<? super T>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
io.neba.api - package io.neba.api
io.neba.api.annotations - package io.neba.api.annotations
Annotations to use on model classes annotated with ResourceModel.
io.neba.api.resourcemodels - package io.neba.api.resourcemodels
This package contains additional infrastructure for use by classes annotated with ResourceModel. - package
All interfaces in this package represent services always published by the NEBA core.
io.neba.api.spi - package io.neba.api.spi
All interfaces in this package are part of NEBA's Service Provider Interface.
io.neba.api.tags - package io.neba.api.tags
Contains the NEBA tag libraries.
isPresent() - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


Lazy<T> - Interface in io.neba.api.resourcemodels
Declares lazy-loading 1:1 relationships in resource models.


map(Function<? super T, ? extends U>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
map(AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping<FieldType, AnnotationType>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper
MODEL - Static variable in class io.neba.api.Constants
Models provided by the define object tag and models returned from controllers (i.e.


orElse(T) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
orElseGet(Supplier<? extends T>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
orElseThrow(Supplier<? extends X>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


Path - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Defines the relative or absolute path of a property or resource mapped to a field.
PlaceholderVariableResolver - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
A source for values of variables of the form
prepareForFieldInjection(Object) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AopSupport
processAfterMapping(T, Resource, ResourceModelFactory) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelPostProcessor
Lifecycle callback invoked after the resource properties are mapped onto the ResourceModel.
put(Resource, T, Object) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelCache


Reference - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Marks a field as containing a reference, i.e.
resolve(String) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.PlaceholderVariableResolver
Invoked to resolve variables of the form ${name}.
resolveMostSpecificModel(Resource) - Method in interface
resolveMostSpecificModelIncludingModelsForBaseTypes(Resource) - Method in interface
resolveMostSpecificModelWithName(Resource, String) - Method in interface
ResourceModel - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
A resource model represents sling resources with specific sling resource types, JCR primary node types or mixin types.
ResourceModelCache - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
Function of the resource model cache
ResourceModelFactory - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
Represents a source for resource models.
ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
ResourceModelPostProcessor - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
Lifecycle callback for resource models.
ResourceModelResolver - Interface in
This service is automatically published by the NEBA core and allows programmatic lookup of resource models.


setIncludeGenericBaseTypes(boolean) - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
setUseModelNamed(String) - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
setVar(String) - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
SYNTHETIC_RESOURCETYPE_ROOT - Static variable in class io.neba.api.Constants
This virtual resource type is considered the root of the type hierarchy of all synthetic resource types.


This - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Marks a field as representing the resource represented by the current ResourceModel.


Unmapped - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Excludes a field from the resource-to-model mapping.
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