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AfterMapping - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Methods of a ResourceModel with this annotation are invoked after all properties have been mapped from the model's resource.
AfterMapping.ExceptionInAfterMappingMethod - Exception in io.neba.api.annotations
Represents an issue when invoking a model method annotated with AfterMapping.
AnnotatedFieldMapper<FieldType,AnnotationType extends Annotation> - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
OSGi services implementing this interface may customize the mapping of arbitrary fields during the resource to model mapping of any resource model.
AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping<FieldType,AnnotationType> - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
Represents the contextual data of a field mapping during a resource to model mapping.
AopSupport - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
OSGi Services with this interface are automatically detected by NEBA and are used to prepare model instances potentially affected by AOP (proxies, enhanced types) for injection.
asOptional() - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


Children - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Provides a Collection, List or Set of children of the resource.
Constants - Class in io.neba.api
Overall constants for the NEBA API.


DefineObjectsTag - Class in io.neba.api.tags
Using this tag library to automatically to adapt to the most specific model is deprecated as it introduces implicit and intransparent coupling between a view and a model. This coupling is easily broken by introducing a new model for the same resource type. This is almost impossible to foresee and hard to fix. Thus, instead of using this tag, explicitly adapting the resource to the desired model via the sling tag library, e.g. <sling:adaptTo adaptable="${resource}" adaptTo="my.model.Type" var="someName" />, is advised.
DefineObjectsTag() - Constructor for class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
doEndTag() - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag


ExceptionInAfterMappingMethod(String, Throwable) - Constructor for exception io.neba.api.annotations.AfterMapping.ExceptionInAfterMappingMethod


Filter - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Can be used to specify an OSGi service filter to narrow the service(s) that shall be injected.
filter(Predicate<? super T>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
flatMap(Function<? super T, Lazy<U>>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


get() - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
getAnnotation() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getAnnotationsOfField() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getAnnotationType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper
getField() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getFieldType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper
getFieldType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getFieldTypeParameter() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getModel() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getModelDefinitions() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory
getName() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition
The unique name of a model.
getProperties() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getRepositoryPath() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getResolvedValue() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getResource() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping
getResourceModel() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition
getType() - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition
The type which is assignment-compatible with the model implementation class.


ifPresent(Consumer<? super T>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
io.neba.api - package io.neba.api
io.neba.api.annotations - package io.neba.api.annotations
Annotations to use on model classes annotated with ResourceModel.
io.neba.api.resourcemodels - package io.neba.api.resourcemodels
This package contains additional infrastructure for use by classes annotated with ResourceModel. - package
All interfaces in this package represent services always published by the NEBA core.
io.neba.api.spi - package io.neba.api.spi
All interfaces in this package are part of NEBA's Service Provider Interface.
io.neba.api.tags - package io.neba.api.tags
Contains the NEBA tag libraries.
isPresent() - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


Lazy<T> - Interface in io.neba.api.resourcemodels
Declares lazy-loading 1:1 relationships in resource models.


map(Function<? super T, ? extends U>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
map(AnnotatedFieldMapper.OngoingMapping<FieldType, AnnotationType>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AnnotatedFieldMapper
map(T) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory.ContentToModelMappingCallback
A synchronous callback for models that are ready for content-to-model mapping.
MODEL - Static variable in class io.neba.api.Constants
Models provided by the DefineObjectsTag tag and models returned from controllers (i.e.


orElse(T) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
orElseGet(Supplier<? extends T>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy
orElseThrow(Supplier<? extends X>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.resourcemodels.Lazy


Path - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Defines the relative or absolute path of a property or resource mapped to a field.
PlaceholderVariableResolver - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
A source for values of variables of the form
prepareForFieldInjection(Object) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.AopSupport
processAfterMapping(T, Resource, ResourceModelFactory) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelPostProcessor
Lifecycle callback invoked after the resource properties are mapped onto the ResourceModel.
provideModel(ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition<T>, ResourceModelFactory.ContentToModelMappingCallback<T>) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.ResourceModelFactory


Reference - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Marks a field as containing a reference, i.e.
resolve(String) - Method in interface io.neba.api.spi.PlaceholderVariableResolver
Invoked to resolve variables of the form ${name}.
resolveMostSpecificModel(Resource) - Method in interface
resolveMostSpecificModelIncludingModelsForBaseTypes(Resource) - Method in interface
resolveMostSpecificModelWithName(Resource, String) - Method in interface
ResourceModel - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
A resource model represents sling resources with specific sling resource types, JCR primary node types or mixin types.
ResourceModelFactory - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
Represents a source for resource models.
ResourceModelFactory.ContentToModelMappingCallback<T> - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
A callback to be invoked when the model is ready for content-to-model mapping.
ResourceModelFactory.ModelDefinition<T> - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
ResourceModelPostProcessor - Interface in io.neba.api.spi
Lifecycle callback for resource models.
ResourceModelResolver - Interface in
This service is automatically published by the NEBA core and allows programmatic lookup of resource models.


setIncludeGenericBaseTypes(boolean) - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
setUseModelNamed(String) - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
setVar(String) - Method in class io.neba.api.tags.DefineObjectsTag
SYNTHETIC_RESOURCETYPE_ROOT - Static variable in class io.neba.api.Constants
This virtual resource type is considered the root of the type hierarchy of all synthetic resource types.


This - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Fields with this annotation refer to the current resource, i.e.


Unmapped - Annotation Type in io.neba.api.annotations
Excludes a field from the resource-to-model mapping.
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