NEBA 5.0.2 released

NEBA 5.0.2 ships with a series of performance improvements derived from profiling sessions on multiple large-scale Sling and AEM deployments. The improvements aim to further increase the efficiency of NEBA's built-in resource model caching and to reduce the overhead associated with cache lookups and lazy loading.

Highlights of this release

NEBA 5.0.2 Ships with Spring 5.1.3

NEBA's optional Spring integration has been updated to the current GA version of Spring 5.1. This version contains a number of bug fixes and improvements. The OSGi variant of this version, maintained by the Apache Servicemix team, also fixes multiple issues regarding OSGi compatibility.

Release notes


    Fixed bugs


    Upgrading from 5.0.1

    Users of 5.0.1 can upgrade to 5.0.2 without code changes.

    Users of 5.0.1 do not need to make any changes. However, if you are using NEBA's Spring integration, we recommend upgrading to Spring 5.1.3.