NEBA 5.2.0 released

New feature: Support for mapping enumerations

NEBA 5.2.0 Adds enumeration support - now, NEBA supports mapping resource properties to single enum instances as well as arrays or collection of enumerations, like so:

    class MyModel {
    private EnumType field = EnumType.SOME_INITIAL_VALUE; // or null, or Optional<EnumType>, EnumType[] array, List<EnumType>...

Here, "field" would be a resource property containing the constant name ("SOME_INITIAL_VALUE") or an array of constant names.

Consistent error handling for @AfterMapping methods

Previously, NEBA used to log but not re-throw exceptions occurring in @AfterMapping methods. This could lead to situations where models where returned from .adaptTo calls in an unexpected state. Since 5.2.0, such failures will now lead to an exception in the .adaptTo call. See also

Release notes


    Fixed bugs

      Upgrading from 5.1.5

      Users of 5.1.5 can upgrade to 5.2.0 without code changes.

      Upgrading from previous versions

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