NEBA 5.0.6 released

NEBA 5.0.6 ships with a simplified log viewer. Here, we have removed special-case handling of error detection in the logs in favor of the new grep functionality added in the previous release. Since users can search for any regular expression in the log file and the grep functionality has smart stack trace handling, there is no need for error-specific filtering any more.

In addition, the log viewer now allows downloading either the currently viewed or all logfiles, since downloading all logfiles might not be a good idea on larger production deployments.

Finally, the optional NEBA Spring integration has been updated to Spring Version 5.1.6, containing multiple important bugfixes and improvements.

Release notes


    Fixed bugs


    Upgrading from 5.0.5

    Users of 5.0.5 can upgrade to 5.0.6 without code changes.

    Upgrading from previous versions

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