NEBA 5.0.4 released

NEBA 5.0.4 ships with out of the box support for the Apache Sling Composum Console which is the advanced CRXDE replacement included in the Sling starter distributions. The Model registry now automatically links resolvable sling resource types to the composum console, if it is available.

In addition, the Model registry now tests whether JCR primary node types or mixin node types referenced by resource models exist, thus allowing to better filter models referencing resource types or node types that do not exist.

Finally, when using NEBA's Spring integration, the shutdown of bundles with a failed application context start is no longer persistent. Thus, if the framework is restarted, it will attempt to start the bundle again, provided its autostart level is active (which is the default). This will make deployments more resilient to temporary failure, e.g. the temporary absence of required configurations or services during an automated deployment.

Release notes


    Fixed bugs


    Upgrading from 5.0.3

    Users of 5.0.3 can upgrade to 5.0.4 without code changes.

    Upgrading from previous versions

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