NEBA 5.0.5 released

NEBA 5.0.5 focuses on improvements on the NEBA tooling for resource model statistics and viewing logfiles. It also contains a bug fix for a potential, albeit unlikely race condition if multiple model registries services are started concurrently at exactly the same point in time.

Model statistics improvements

The model statistics view now has improved smart formatting of the statistical data. Larger amounts (e.g. number of instantiations) are now formatted in 1000's (k) or millions (m) and millisecond data is formatted as milliseconds (ms), seconds (s), hours, days or years to better fit scenarios with large volumes of data.

NEBA resource model statistics

Log viewer improvements

The log viewer now shows a continuously updated view of the actual time on the server and the server time's UTC offset to support log analysis spanning different time zones. With 5.0.5, the log viewer now has a limited scrollback buffer when tailing log files. The number of lines correspond to the chosen amount of tail data (0.1 MB by default). This allows following logfiles with a lot of changes over a longer period of time without increasing the browser memory usage.

The log viewer has also been enhanced with client-side grep support. The grep term is a regular expression applied to the client's view on the log data. This allows flexible filtering of the data viewed and works for both live followed data and tailed data. The grep mechanism respects the semantics of ERROR stack traces in the logfile. That is, if a grep expression matches part of a stacktrace, the entire stack trace is shown and not just the matching line.

NEBA Sling log viewer<

Finally, the optional NEBA Spring integration has been updated to Spring Version 5.1.5, containing minor updates and improvements.

Release notes


    Fixed bugs

      Upgrading from 5.0.4

      Users of 5.0.4 can upgrade to 5.0.5 without code changes.

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