NEBA 5.1.1 released

NEBA 5.1.1 further improves the JSON views introduced with NEBA 5.1.0. The views now work with the Jackson libraries shipped out of the box with Sling Models and allow selectively overriding the default export servlet of the Sling Models Exporter framework where needed.

Furthermore, NEBA now also performs type derivation from wildcard types for resource-to-model mapping, like so:

List<? extends SomeType>

This is especially important when using Kotlin, where unmodifiable collections are automatically compiled from Collection<X> to Collection<? extends X>

Release notes


    Fixed bugs

      Upgrading from 5.1.0

      Users of 5.1.0 can upgrade to 5.1.1 without code changes.

      Upgrading from previous versions

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